What is Personal Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process of working with a trained professional to achieve lasting improvement in your life.

People usually seek out a personal coach when they want something different in their life and they haven't been able to do it alone, or want to get "there" more rapidly. Sometimes people seek out a coach when they sense a gap in their skills or knowledge, or if they are in crisis and want to prevent something bad from happening.



A coach listens to your concerns and goals, encouraging and challenging you to design a world focused on what is really important to you. The process helps you develop specific and realistic ways to implement changes in your life through identifying and reframing the beliefs, habits and behaviors that get in the way of your moving forward.


Coaches who specialize in ADHD are trained by schools credentialed according to International Coaching Federation standards. They have been educated about the ADHD condition, its unique brain wiring, traits and symptoms as well as existing conditions that often accompany ADHD -- dyslexia, anxiety, depression, etc. The coach has learned about specific ADHD tools and structures designed to help you put in place proven strategies that enlist your strengths and manage your challenges.