The ADHD Strength Perspective

Instead of only focusing on the difficulties posed by ADHD, today the upsides are more likely to be acknowledged too: the quick-wittedness, the speedy grasp of the "big picture" and the great enthusiasm for nearly everything.

When someone with ADHD can focus on their strengths and successes, a world of wonderful opportunities opens up for them, creating optimism for the future, increased energy and a stronger sense of capability. 

Each person with ADHD has their own unique combination of traits which may be
mild to severe depending on the situation. Strengths vary by individual,
often just
waiting to be uncovered.
(Adapted from "Simply ADHD"  Edition 4, 2005-2009, ADD Coaching Academy)
Distractible/inattentive - inability to focus on the mundane/boring; mind wanders.
Multiple interests - sustained focus on what is of interest.
Inefficient mental processing - difficulty holding information in mind; limited access to past events.
Non-linear thinker; not constrained by past judgments.
Executive function difficulties - planning, getting started, self-monitoring, coordinating, prioritizing, organizing, inability to shift focus/transition.
Willing to try new things; "hyper-focus" on what is of interest.
Physical restlessness - can't sit or be still; need to be moving to be able to focus.
Incredible energy/enthusiasm; looks for stimulation.
Mental restlessness - mind races, non-stop ideas; "brain freeze"/shut down under pressure.
Makes intuitive leaps/creative connections; excellent brain-stormer; imagination vivid/strong. 
Impulsive - inability to self-regulate reactions and emotions; outbursts of intense/explosive anger; low frustration tolerance.
Quick and spontaneous; fast, genuine responses; authentic; willing risk takers.
Time insensitivity - "now" or "not now"; little concept of how long it will take to do tasks.
Live in intuitive flow rather than be constrained by structured time.
Black and white thinking - "all or nothing" absolutes; gets stuck in specific way of doing something.
Detailed/meticulous about what value/find interesting; masterful.
Physical/emotional hypersensitivities to the environment (e.g. emotions, textures, light, smells, temperatures, colors, sounds, vibrations).
Intensely empathic, sensitive, and emotive; charismatic. 
Low self-awareness and self-esteemunaware of own talents; can be oblivious to surroundings and own behavior; misreads cues.
Strong desire to contribute.