Parenting and ADHD Challenges

Parenting children with ADHD is a huge challenge (which is exacerbated if you have ADHD yourself).  Many of your struggles can be traced to the complex wiring of the ADHD brain and how it impacts daily life differently than the 'typical' brain of your child's friends and their families.

Meltdowns, power struggles, homework battles, disruptive behavior, forgotten tasks, emotional outbursts are common problems parents of children with ADHD face on a daily basis. Those stressors are not generally alleviated by following traditional methods of discipline and advice given by family, friends and the many books available that claim to teach you 'how to parent'!


Is it any wonder that you...

  • feel stressed-out - juggling family responsibilities, battling with teachers who 'don't get it'; perhaps also trying to fulfill the demands a career? 

  • have a strained relationship with the 'other' parent? 

  • worry that you are not doing all you can to support your child? 

  • feel guilty, ashamed, and to blame for your child's difficulties?  

  • worry about your child’s future/reaching their potential?

  • wonder whether or not to give your child medication?

  • wonder whether you may have ADHD yourself?



As a Certified ADHD Coach, I have the experience and training to help shift your perspective on ADHD to your advantage.