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Describing a Child with ADHD


Parents say their child who has ADHD often ...

o  Reacts impulsively and out of proportion to the situation/events
o   Finds it difficult to “let go” of an activity they love
o   Procrastinates or does things at the very last minute
o   Forgets to bring home homework or doesn't remember to turn it in
o   Daydreams and appears not to pay attention to what's going on
o   Has great difficulty getting to sleep; getting up in the morning
o   Is hyperactive, has boundless energy, fidgets a lot
o   Has difficulty listening to others without interrupting   
 o   Puts off doing projects; doesn't follow through or complete tasks
o   Finds it hard to make transitions from one activity to the next
o   Is easily distracted, has a hard time staying focused/paying attention
o   Takes excessive or inappropriate risks
o   Knows what they're supposed to do but cannot actually do it
o   Has a very poor sense of time/how long things take
o   Misreads social cues
o   Starts new projects, does great at first, only to quickly lose interest
As their parent, your acceptance, support, and positive perspectivecan help your child manage these challenges, and provide the launching pad from which they can begin to fly!