Coaching for ADHD Challenges

As an ADHD coach, I have the experience and training to help you shift your perspective on ADHD to your advantage. 

Working with me, you will not only learn the many ways ADHD affects thinking, emotions and behavior, you will also learn how the ADHD brain works best, including the strengths that often accompany ADHD.

Coaching Through an ADHD Lens  will help you:

    Embrace ADHD strengths; accept inherent ADHD challenges

  • identify, appreciate and celebrate innate strengths, talents, passions
  • engage those strengths to manage challenges
  • set realistic expectations and develop problem-solving techniques

Tackle core issues that so often accompany ADHD 

  • easily distracted, difficulty regulating emotions, forgetful, disorganized, restlessness ( mentally and/or physically), difficulty managing time, low self-esteem, learning challenges.

      Anticipate difficult situations to minimize conflicts

  • recognize what can (often predictably) cause disruptive behaviors typical of ADHD and be prepared with alternatives
  • learn how to communicate in a "language" that will yield more positive outcomes