Benefits of Coaching for ADHD-type Challenges

ADHD affects each individual differently ... how you think, what you feel and how you react/behave. As an ADHD coach, I have the experience and training to help shift your perspective on ADHD to your advantage. Through my coaching, you will learn how your brain works best and realize there are upsides to having ADHD. Yes, upsides!


You can become calmer, confident and more resilient; enjoy increased energy and a stronger sense of capability, creating optimism for the future. You'll be ready to: 

 Anticipate difficult situations, experience positive outcomes.

  • recognize what can (often predictably) cause you stress and frustration.

  • identify strategies that will yield more positive outcomes. 


 Embrace your ADHD strengths:

  • discover and appreciate your innate strengths, talents, passions.

  • engage those strengths to manage challenges.