About Lynn

My ADHD journey began the day my son started to crawl – exuberantly! Tantrums, meltdowns, impulsive outbursts, followed. When he was 4 years old, one of his pre-school teachers thought he may have ADHD. (He does.)


At the time, ADHD was thought to be a condition primarily affecting young boys; though I was told it was not uncommon for many adults to learn of their own ADHD following their child’s diagnosis. That was a turning point.


Could I have ADHD? Would having ADHD explain why I had difficulties in managing my life, aside from parenting a child with ADHD? Were other adults in a similar situation (having as yet undiagnosed ADHD)?  (I suspected 'yes'.) 


After working 20+ years in the corporate business world, I enrolled with ADDCA, the premiere ADHD Coach Training Academy, to become a Certified ADHD Coach. After completing my training, I began Coaching Through an ADHD Lens  to help other adults find solutions to the challenges ADHD presents for them. To become more confident, more effective and calmer managing ADHD in their family, on the job and in social relationships.


 NOTE:  In addition to "walking the walk," my training in ADHD coaching, and experience working with adults, I bring to my practice a Masters in Psychology, combined with related expertise that includes:  senior level executive for a Fortune 100 Corporation; research entrepreneur and customer insights specialist; group facilitator and in-depth interviewer; trainer and practiced advocate of Compassionate Communication (NVC).