Are you frustrated and overwhelmed trying to manage how ADHD impacts your life?

at work?

in your relationships?

in everyday activities?


Did you realize that many of us who have ADHD rarely recognize and appreciate the tremendous strengths that can go along with having an ADHD-wired brain?


Coaching Through an ADHD Lens  will help you uncover your special skills and talents so you can manage the challenges you face. Together we will develop practical, personalized strategies you can use right away to become calmer and more confident, as you:

  • Envision new possibilities for the future.
  • Improve/strengthen your relationships
  • Reach your goals with greater ease.


I invite you to click around this site to learn more about me and how you can benefit from my coaching. Also, consider contacting me directly to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

phone: 203.227.7799
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